A Hand Up, Not a Handout

Family Shelter

Cleanliness – Dignity – Respect

The foundation for long-term sustainability and success. We aim to restore a sense of normalcy for each family, particularly each child we serve. Visit the Family Shelter page for more information.

Our SAFE-at-Home program for current Mercy House clients seeks to ensure that homeless or recently homeless households have the support they need to avoid falling back into a cycle of housing instability. The program uses targeted financial interventions and intensive case management to stabilize households during crisis.The safety net provided by SAFE-at-Home often keeps our clients focused, stable, and on track, even when they encounter adversity that would otherwise undermine their ability to maintain housing. SAFE-at-Home is funded by a grant from the Harrisonburg/Rockingham United Way, foundation grants, and local donors.



The Rapid Rehousing Program helps those staying in shelters, a vehicle, or a tent to access permanent housing. We assist households with security and utility deposits in their new home, as well as their first month’s rent. Ongoing assistance is based on the individual needs and circumstances of each household. Clients work with our staff to develop a Housing Stability Plan which includes a budget and action plan to ensure long-term success.

Shelter members
Mercy House staff hugging a child



The Homeless Prevention Program helps families who are still housed but are facing a housing crisis. We intervene to help low-income households maintain their current housing. Through strengths-based case management, we teach our clients how to take steps to prevent experiencing a housing crisis in the future.

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